Statistics Database of Central Bank of Nigeria

The Statistics Database of the Central Bank of Nigeria is an online store of a range of time series data on all the sectors of the economy. These are the monetary and financial, the external, the fiscal as well as the real sector.

The platform provides a rich source of high frequency data sets across the monetary & financial, the external and the real sector. The fiscal sector data sets are annual time series. Available sector statistics range from monetary aggregates, money market interest rates, government securities and asset prices to balance of payments, external trade statistics, exchange rates, external reserves, consumer price indices and gross domestic product statistics as well as debt statistics. Others include federal, state and local government finance statistics.

What's new

The statistics database of the Central Bank of Nigeria has undergone series of upgrades and changes. Most importantly, the upgraded platform now features statistics on the real and government sectors.

To access the data sets, users are required to interact with the database and download information based on their specification. You can find and use data more easily in this new e-library. Now you can easily view and change data queries you have built, using the Build Data Query option in the Data Browser web page.

The new “view data” page combines the best simple and advanced mode features. Users can share data queries with colleagues straight from the Actions menu at the top right of the view data page. Find data faster using our improved search.

Featured Data

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